Thousands of Americans each year turn to The Tax Prep Co., a full service individual federal and state income tax preparation firm, for help in preparing their tax returns. When faced with the burden and complexity of processing their tax returns themselves, many rely on The Tax Prep Co. because of our personable, secure and trustworthy approach to tax preparation. We offer our clients one-on-one tax consultation services in our locations in the Atlanta and Chicago area. Since opening our first office in October 2006, we have grown our presence and market share in the tax industry through our winning solutions, accessibility to the communities we serve and our growing reputation as trusted tax professionals. The Tax Prep Co. continues to expand, offering personal income tax and business development services in new locations nationwide. Our tax professionals have experience guiding clients through many tax complexities. The The Tax Prep Co. management team is also a powerful resource that has led the business through the development of training programs, marketing campaigns, and the ever-changing tax laws. We offer detailed support to our franchisees and have been building our reputation as one of top franchising opportunities in the tax preparation industry. The Tax Prep Co. is led by Co-Founder and CEO A.D. Reed, who has leveraged her experience in the financial services industry. As a financial lifestyle consultant, she sets the vision and standards for The Tax Prep Co.. She is the veteran of many tax seasons and has spearheaded the opening of additional Right Now Refund offices.